January 1, 2017

Audio Advertising

For CPG and HBA brands:

“Reach your customers aisles away… not miles away!”

InStore Audio Network’s network of 23,000+ grocery and drug stores is the most effective way to reach your customers at the point-of-purchase in a captive media environment.  Your 30-second message can be heard in every store at least once per hour for every hour the store is open — reaching over 100 million shoppers a week.

Proven ROI

In dozens of matched panel tests, InStore Audio Network delivers an average sales lift of 16% over control stores.  Reaching shoppers throughout the store with an audio message works!  The success of your campaign is only limited by the creativity and call-to-action in your message.

Communicate, Educate and Influence Your Customers

InStore Audio Network  can help you deliver a message that bathes the stores with a compelling reason to visit your aisle and your brand.  This is your chance to be the last voice before that purchase decision is made.  And this is all done with a short lead time, easy to execute turnkey ad production and at an extremely efficient CPM.

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