A new beginning for ISAN

Our name might be changing,
but our impact is staying
the same! In store audio
network has been acquired by
Stingray — leading music, media,
and technology company — and
will now be known as
Stingray Advertising.

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Why InStore Audio Network is the leader in instore audio music and messaging.
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Audio advertising

InStore Audio Network delivers audio messages over the sound system in 16,000+ grocery and drug stores in the United States and Canada. Your brand’s :30 digital audio message can reach more than 100 million shoppers each week in a captive media environment, at the point-of-purchase.



We provide low cost, turnkey music services including all equipment, servicing, music content and licensing — and even custom message content.

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audio ad production

Our advertisers and retail partners demand broadcast quality audio production — and we deliver! Our staff of copywriters, voice talent and audio engineers produce compelling messages that drive sales.

Want to reach over 100 million shoppers a week?

Why is instore audio a critical marketing tactic for brands and retailers?

This is the ONLY WAY to reach EVERY shopper in the store.
Music and Messaging control the atmosphere and can actually drive sales.

InStore Audio Network can deliver a digital audio message across our network of Grocery and Drug stores to reach every shopper in every store. And your compelling message will drive sales. Studies have proven an average sales lift of 16% by communicating your brand benefits at the point-of-purchase and giving the consumer a call to action... "Buy Brand X today before you leave this store!"

While most efficient to utilize our full network, InStore Audio Network can customize your program regionally or even by retailer.

Edison Research has completed annual audience surveys since 2006 and has validated the unmatched reach and frequency that InStore Audio Network delivers.

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the InStore Audio Network
management TEAM

Proven results for advertisers and retail partners since 2003

gary seem

After graduating from Dartmouth College, Gary joined News America Marketing and then owned his own advertising agency prior to InStore Audio Network. Gary is a private pilot and enjoys golf and skiing.

Steve Villa

Senior Advisor
Steve is an experienced business leader with proven expertise in business music services and he was previously CEO of Muzak. Steve is an avid runner and accomplished hockey player.


We do good work for our clients and they recognize the commitment, service and value we deliver.

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Old, cumbersome equipment?
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